About Bio-Energy

Being a fastest growing economy, India has a huge requirement of energy in forthcoming year. To accomplish its major requirement India has to import approximately its 73% of petroleum. In recent time government is playing an active role in promoting the adoption of renewable energy sources. Renewable energy is becoming increasingly cost competitive as compared to fossil fuel based energy generation. The government has set a target of 175 GW renewable power installed capacity by the end of 2022. This includes 50 GW from wind power, 100 GW from solar, 5GW from small hydro power and 10GW from biomass power. The biomass based energy sources for the next three year 2016-17 (500 MW), 2017-18 (750 MW) and 2018-19 (850 MW) have been set to utilize maximum potential of biomass based renewable energy (MNRE, 2016). Read More ..

Types of Bio-Energy

Bioenergy is an efficient option among all existing fuels including solid, liquid and gaseous forms in modern era of technology and in group termed as biofuel. All forms of biofuel like solid (such as fire wood, wood chips, briquettes, pallets, charcoal etc), liquid (such as bioethanol, biodiesel, butanol, bio oil etc) and gaseous (such as biogas, producer gas, syn-gas biohydrogen etc) forms have been intensively researched and produced.

Bioenergy technologies could contribute significantly to reductions in green house gas emissions, and they are unique in their potential to serve all three areas of major energy demand: heat, electricity, and transport fuel and chemicals. The well established bioenergy technology mainly emphasised on biogas, bioethanol, biodiesel and producer gas. Read More ..

Bio-Energy Plant's

Some plants are useful for bifuel production like Neem, Mahua, Karnaj, Simaruba, Jetropha etc..

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